Saturday, June 18, 2011

International Sushi Day

I've honestly never had sushi in my life, but my husband loves it and he was my resident expert on this one.

These pops are made from chocolate cake dipped in chocolate candy melts, tinted black. Before I dipped them, I flattened the top and created a brim where I ultimately laid the white Nonpareils to represent the rice. The orange, yellow and green part of the pop are smashed up pieces of Candy Necklace, although you could probably use anything for that, like Runts, Starburst, or even pipe on your own details...
The Candy Necklace just happened to be at the front of my candy closet. Yes, I have a candy closet!

Sushi Cake Pops...who knew?!?!

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  1. These are awesome! Makes me want sushi AND cake pops :)