Monday, July 11, 2011

7-Eleven - Slurpee Day

Happy 7-Eleven Day!
Free Slurpees. Free Slurpees for everyone!

It's 7-Eleven's birthday today (on 7/11, get it?!), and they are giving away free Slurpees to anyone and everyone. So, stop by your local store and pick one up --
Like right now! Time is running out. Go!

According to their website, "general merriment and one-man dance parties" including the "Running Man and Raising the Roof are welcome". However, "the Macarena is NOT welcome. Ever." 
Good call.

Naturally, we're celebrating with our very own Slurpee Cake Pops and 7-Eleven chocolate logos. And, of course, we've already picked up our free Slurpee to wash it all down!


  1. Hope you sent this to the 7-11 corporate offices! Looks amazing...

  2. Your Slurpee cake pops are AWESOME!!

    ~ Pia

  3. I haven't seen a 7-11 in years! I used to love getting slurpies there as a kid though and your cakes pops turned out great! I love how you swirled the top of the slurpies and put them in the 7-11 cup!

    It would be fun to see your process when making cake pops. Do you start with sketches? Where do you get your inspirations from?

  4. Jenni-
    I'm glad you liked the Slurpies!
    I definitely should include more pics of how I make my pops. I've been thinking about that for a while, and I'll try to start including more pics and info about my process.

    Some are done from sketches, some of my inspiration comes from other bakers and authors...and honestly, some of it is made up on the fly!