Sunday, July 10, 2011

National Piña Colada Day

It's National Piña Colada Day!
You don't need to be on a beach to enjoy this tropical drink. Still, a piña colada is a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy the summer.

These Piña Colada/Coconut Shell cake pops are a Pop.O.Licious original that I just thought up today.
And of course, they're non-alcoholic and family friendly!

First, I made basic balls and cut the tops off to make flat. Then, I dipped them in chocolate and textured the sides with a toothpick as they were drying to create the look of a coconut shell. I sprinkled the top with white nonpareils. The "pineapple" is a candy melt cut into a triangle, and the "cherries" are red crunch sprinkles. Last but not least, I added the straw and umbrella, which are not edible but a necessity for the cuteness factor!


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