Friday, August 19, 2011

Flashback Favorite: Lucille Ball Day

Flashback Favorite #6:
Lucille Ball Day
Celebrated: August 6, 2011

I made this one less than two weeks ago, but it quickly became one of my favorites!
I really just thought this one was adorable and loved
how perfectly the old doll house furniture worked
for the backdrop.
I think we did Lucy proud on this day.

Next year I'll have to try and make a
Ricky Ricardo cake pop too!

Today's actual holiday is:
National Potato Day


  1. Lucy turned out really cute! I also like how you photographed her-great job!

  2. I Love Lucy! This one is fantastic. If ya' want me to feature over at (even without the tutorial, I can't resist), send me a photo and I'll feature :)