Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Spook-tacular #5:
Jello Fingers

The Halloween Spook-tacular wraps up with
our 5th and final day!

Today, we're going to enjoy...
Jello Fingers
from a close personal friend of mine.

Jennifer Carver of Banner Events is easily the best party planner that I know. She has an uncanny eye for detail and assembles some of the most amazing parties I have ever seen. In addition, she's also a very talented in the kitchen.

Click HERE to check out some of her DIY Halloween work in action with Anders Ruff party printables on their website.

She was kind enough to share how to make these incredibly life-like jello Fingers.
Perfect for scaring things up at your next party!
Thanks, Jen!

Halloween Jello Fingers
Start With These Steps:
Make molds of desired finger using parafin wax.
Do this by boiling water and putting the wax in a tin can in the pan of water. This helps melt the wax, but keeps it from getting too hot. The wax needs to be deep enough to dip your whole finger in.

- Keep dipping until you get a thick enough mold that it won't break when you try to remove it. (Usually the heat of your non-waxed hand is enough to help coax the mold off your finger.) You will need a separate mold for each finger you want to make.

- It's best to stand the wax molds up in a plastic bowl or square dish. Then, use a sieve to help pour the jello mixture in to the mold.

Mix Together:
1 large package of peach jello
4 envelopes Knox gelatin
2 cups hot water
2 drops yellow food coloring
(dissolve as you would jello)

- Soften one 8oz. package of cream cheese.
- Add to jello mixture. Mix on low speed. Skim off the foam on the top (so bubbles don't form in your finger molds). Let cool.

- Pour into wax finger molds.
- Stand finger molds up in a container and put in freezer until hardened. (Cover the container with saran wrap).
- Remove from freezer about 45 minutes before serving so they thaw out.

The look and texture are SO real!

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  1. ok so how do we get the jello out of the molds and can the molds be re-used....cause it really is a bit painful making