Thursday, October 13, 2011

Martha, Martha, Martha!!!

Look who crawled into Martha Stewart's spotlight today!

I am so thrilled that Martha highlighted my Spooky Spider Halloween Cake Pops on today's episode of The Martha Stewart Show on the Hallmark Channel.

It will re-air later today. We are in the first few minutes.
Check your local listings!

Click HERE for the link to the episode preview page.
We are not mentioned on this page, but if they post the video or share the pic on their website I will
share that with you all.

This exciting news means that I am foregoing today's holiday and showing my Spider Cake Pops once again!
Visit the Halloween Tutorials Tab at the top of his page to find out how to make these creepy crawlers.

Thank you, Martha!!!


  1. You know you are awesome when your cake pops make it to Martha Stewart! Congratulations! Now you just need to get to work on a book :)

  2. Congratulations! Can Martha pick'em, or what???

  3. Love your blog~! Your cake pops are adorable! I have never seen so many cake pops! Now if only I could find a gluten free/ dairy free recipe for cake pops!