Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mummy - Halloween Cake Pops

These yummy Mummy Halloween cake pops are super fun to make and don't take much time at all.

I shape the mummy heads so they're a little more elongated, though a regular ball certainly works too. To get the mummy look, simply fill a piping bag with white candy melt and drizzle over the pop, criss crossing back and forth.

Last but not least, I love to use these Wilton candy eyes.
They work well for all kinds of pops and definitely give
the mummies their own distinct look.


  1. I love your creations!! I should start making some. What is the base of the pops, donut hole or do you bake mini round cakes? I am very curious!

  2. Hi Carely,
    I typically use a regular cake and mix with frosting. From that I roll the individual balls. Hope that helps!

  3. WOW, how did I ever miss seeing your blog. AWESOME.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope to purchase your book.

  4. I am making the cute spiders with the black pinwheel licorice. I chose to wait until the candy coating hardened and then made the hole with the toothpick for the licorice but I am finding that the candy coating is cracking. Any suggestions? And is it better to make the hole with the cake pops cold from the fridge? Thank you! Meg

    1. Hi Meg! I usually wait until the pops are at room temp before poking the hole with the toothpick. I know that if you try it right out of the fridge they're likely to crack. OR (I've never tried this) I suppose you could dip the end of the licorice in the candy melt and place onto the pop. You could try that. Hope that helps!

  5. so much fun....and it.....thanks for sharing :)