Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 10: Christmas Cake Pops -
Trip to the Tree Farm

Have you gotten your Christmas Tree yet?

In honor of our trip to the tree farm today I just had to make these little cars with trees strapped to the top!

I shaped the cake and dipped them first. After they dried I placed mini chocolate chips for the wheels and piped on extra candy melt right above them.
I took another stab at using Confectionary Paints and was pleasantly surprised at how well the black worked on these.
To top it all off, I found the perfect Christmas tree candies at my local grocery store, which is actually where the inspiration for these cake pops came from in the first place.

I tried to make the cars look like VW Bugs (my favorite kind of car). I wonder if my husband will get the

Here we are, out on our adventure today!


  1. Love this one! I love to watch families caring their special tree home to make family memories that will last a lifetime :0) So sweet!

  2. Thanks, Audra! One of my favorite festive things to see too!

  3. Those little cars are just amazing. Just as cute as can be.

  4. I just came across your cute! Did you hand shape the cars?

    1. Thanks. Yes, all of my cake pops are hand shaped.