Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 8: Christmas Cake Pops - Gingerbread Men

Run, run, as fast as you can.
You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Every holiday I'm always sure to pick up Wilton's set of seasonal mini cookie cutters.
I used their gingerbread man cutter to shape these pops. I drew on the buttons, eyes, and mouths with AmeriColor food writing pens. The bow ties are heart sprinkles.

For the first time I experimented with Confectionary Paints. I've never used them before so I'm still getting the hang of it. I honestly wasn't that impressed with how the white painted on for the lines and the hair. But it'll do for now and I'll have to keep practicing!


  1. Why is it that mine never look like yours??? I will keep plugging along in hopes that they will look somewhat decent by Christmas. I really love this blog. I problem is that I want to try everything and it's only hubby and me here, and hubby doesn't eat anything with sugar in it. You know who that leaves to eat everything! Oh well, life is short, eat cake, right?

  2. Oh, Ellen, you're too sweet. Keep plugging along! I promise your cake pops will look great in no time!!! Practice makes perfect :-)

  3. I'm so impressed with your designs! What do you do with all these pops?!

  4. Thanks! My boys and some of the neighborhood kids get to eat them when I'm done :-)

  5. What is your recipe? And how do you keep the limb from falling off when dip in coating?

  6. Hi there! First off, you are amazing! I am wondering how you got that color for the coating of the gingerbread man. Try as I might I can not get that kind of color. :) Any help would be appreciated!

  7. Hi Heather- Thanks for the kind words. As for the color, I just used Wilton Light Cocoa Candy Melts. Hope that helps.

  8. Hi I made some gingerbread man and woman cake pops for Christmas this year. I used spice cake and vanilla frosting, used vanilla bark (meijer brand) and also used Hershey's cinnamon chips (just a handful) to create the right color for the coating. Plus the cinnamon was the perfect touch with the spice cake. DELICIOUS! =) Just thought I'd share. I posted pictures on pinterest and facebook. Sincerely, Tracey Lundquist

    1. Tracey- That sounds fantastic! I didn't know Hershey's had cinnamon chips. I'll be keeping my eye out for those. Thanks for sharing. :)