Saturday, December 15, 2012

Book Giveaway Starts Monday!

Who's ready for a giveaway???

I'm so excited to share my book with you that I'm giving away 3 copies of Pop.O.Licious Cake Pops!

You will have the chance to win one of three books in our giveaway that starts on Monday, December 17th.

Rules and guidelines will be posted here and on our Facebook page, so check back Monday for all the details.

Here's the chance to fill your stocking just in time for Christmas!


  1. Joey,
    I am so happy for you and all that you have accomplished! I wish nothing but the best for you and your family :)

  2. Good luck with the give away! I love my copy of the book. It is amazing and jam packed with wonderful creative ideas. Everyone needs at least one!

    1. Thanks for all your support and sharing all the books with your friends and co-workers!

  3. Congratulations on your book. This makes a great stocking stuffer!

  4. Thanks, Tiffany! Hope all is well. It sure does :)