Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Look!

It's finally arrived!
The advanced copy of my cake pop book along with a little sweet note from our editor greeted me on my daily trip to the mailbox today!

It’s been such a long journey and I’d be lying if I said I thought this day might not come. I gotta say though, it feels SO good to finally be able to hold it in my hands. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, it was a true labor of love and I ended up learning so much throughout the entire process. We started working on it almost exactly a year ago, and to be holding it here now feels like I’ve finally come full circle.

What a thrill to finally have the advanced copy, which means we’re so close! The book will be available in stores (Barnes & Noble, local independents, and others) as well as several online retailers mid-October for sure. Or you can pre-order it on right now. Plus, I will be selling them on this blog coming soon. Just check back in a little bit, and we should have that up and running.

The book is filled with more than 40 cake pop recipes, colorful photos, and all the tips and tricks you'll need to become a cake pop pro! The actual size of the book might be smaller than you'd expect. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, and perfect for any stocking this holiday season, but it packs a big punch! All good things, come in small packages, right? And this is no exception!

Anyway, I’m just so delighted today that I had to share the good news! My husband and I put this together, but we could never have done it without YOU, the reader! So THANK YOU to everyone for your all of your love and support. We hope you’ll pick up a copy (or two, or three!
) and we hope you enjoy!