Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Love Bug Cake Pops

Just a couple more days until Valentine's Day, so I present to you
my take on the Valentine Love Bug cake pop!

I took a regular sized ball and broke it into two separate pieces. I stacked the larger ball on top and shaped the bottom piece for the body. I drew inspiration from KC Bakes’ adorable love bug pops for this process.

These love bugs are triple dipped!
To get the desired color scheme, once the cake balls were secure on the stick I dipped them in candy melt three different times. First, I dipped the whole thing in black candy melt until completely covered and let dry. Second, I dipped just the head in pink, and then let that dry. And finally, I dipped the top of the head back in black.

Most of the accessories are some version of a heart sprinkle. Except the wings are red candy melt, and I used a round cookie cutter to shape them.

There are so many great versions of love bug cake pops out there, I couldn’t resist showing mine too… hope that doesn’t bug you!


  1. Goodness me! They are so perfectly put-together that they look like they could be stocked in the children's toys department of Amazon. Great job, Joey! The usual nod over at OCP :)

  2. Love Bug Cake Pops looking Yummy!!! Pretty and Super Tasty.
    I adore this!
    Thank You.